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From my WISE Within pairing, I have learned that it doesn’t matter if you have five or 10 or 15 years of work experience or if you have achieved the most senior level position attainable, there is always something to be learned from others in every situation. Professionally, I renewed my passion to always improve, and personally, I found a new appreciation for the adventure that life can be.
— Amanda Petrak, WISE Within Mentor CLE ’12

The WISE mentor program helped me immensely to gain insight. It provided me with the tools, resources and support to launch a campaign that benefited 10,000 children to gain access to safe water. My mentor is a true role model and I feel lucky to have been part of such a meaningful and impacting experience with the WISE mentor program.
— Katie Spotz, WISE Within Mentee CLE ’12

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Join the hundreds of WISE members who have taken advantage of what WISE Within has to offer. An integrated, guided mentoring program with a proven success in providing valuable career resources, WISE Within offers a truly unique opportunity to accelerate professional development through facilitated group sessions, personal one-to-one mentoring and a national online network. More information

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